Wig and Post Mastectomy Salon


Once your breast surgery has healed and the surgeon decides that it is healed enough to be fitted for your mastectomy bras and forms, it is my job to find the proper fit.

I understand that the period from diagnosis to the fitting can be a very frightening and stressful process. I am here to make this part of your journey a comforting time.

Your first step is to get a prescription from your surgeon or oncologist. Your insurance requires this. All insurances pay for these items, however with different criteria. I do accept the allowed chargeable amount from any insurance company that I am contracted with. However there may be co-pays, co-insurances or deductibles that I have no control over.

There are many reasons that make it important for you to be fitted with the proper items.

  • Wearing a prosthesis daily will maintain a proper balance for your body
  • Prosthetics are designed for natural appearance
  • Your body type and type of surgery will determine the style of prosthesis
  • Clothing will look proper worn over a proper fitting bra and prosthesis
  • Wearing these will increase your self confidence and self esteem

The shapes, weights, and materials of prosthesis vary, as well as bra styles.

We do require an appointment for a breast fitting, so that you will have a totally private time in the store. However feel free to drop in anytime to get acquainted and we can schedule you a future appointment.